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What are Long Term Support Releases?

Long Term Support releases are strong, complete, and stable versions of our products. Three times a year, we release production-ready versions of our APIs that will be supported for two years.

Below, see a summary of Learnosity Long Term Support Releases, and discover the powerful new features contained within. See Release Cadence and Version Lifecycle for information on timeframes and release cadence.


We’ve risen to the challenges that 2020 has thrown our way and stayed true to our mission to raise the standard for the EdTech industry.

Learn more about 2020.3.LTS



Our new 2020.2.LTS long term support release is a goody bag of features and updates across authoring, assessment, analytics, and accessibility to make your learning product richer and more flexible.

Learn more about 2020.2.LTS



Learnosity’s 2020.1 Long Term Support release is brimming with delights, like response analysis reporting, an improved Author Site, and many more efficiency-enhancing features.

Learn more about 2020.1.LTS



Our 2019.3.LTS release helps you break down language barriers, deliver more accessible reports, and activate annotations with greater ease.

Learn more about 2019.3.LTS



Our 2019.2.LTS release introduces powerful new features that give content creators more ways of engaging learners and evaluating learning. These include better control of assessment navigation, a drawing Question type with compass and line tools, self-hosted adaptive algorithms, a simplified math keypad, and a new line reader tool.

Learn more about 2019.2.LTS


Note: 2019.1.LTS now receives critical patches only.
With 2019.1.LTS, ask questions in more languages. Adding support for right-to-left languages such as Arabic, this release also provides users with more efficient authoring and improved student insights. All while delivering faster, more robust assessments.

Learn more about 2019.1.LTS


Note: 2018.2.LTS now receives critical patches only.
With 2018.2.LTS, we pushed the boundaries of building great content. With the addition of powerful video Question types as a premium bundle, as well as dynamic content and amazing student annotations, we've been working to improve your understanding of how your students learn.

Learn more about 2018.2.LTS
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