2023.1.LTS Release Announcement

22nd February 2023
Your learning platform's needs are ever-changing—which is why we enable you to evolve and keep up. In our latest LTS release, we’re helping learners find the right answers, reducing friction for instructors when reporting, delivering several accessibility enhancements, and announcing big changes to come.
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Boost assessment results by allowing learners to give more thought-out answers.
Aid learner comprehension with pop-up content
Add more context to increase learner understanding and receive better answers. When learners click on a word or phrase, a pop-up window can now appear with helpful information, like a glossary or an alternative description with images.
Turn back the clock on wrong answers
Have you ever guessed an answer on screen, then immediately regretted it? We now provide a way to help you build an instant reset response capability, so learners can withdraw their answer, if desired.
Help instructors analyze results more efficiently with new report enhancements.
Filter reports by date
Save instructors time by removing limitations. Our reports "sessions list" and "sessions list by item" can now be filtered by date, so instructors can find the report they need more efficiently.
Fine tuning labels in the learning outcomes report
Lengthy column names in reports can impact readability and slow down reporting. We've made it easier for instructors to review the learning outcomes report, because shorter column names can now be displayed.
Learnosity never forgets the importance of accessibility. With every release, we continuously strive to make our user experience more inclusive.
A more accessible authoring experience
Give content authors a more operable authoring experience. Authors can now use keypad navigation while in activity edit mode, which also allows screen readers to read the correct focus states.
Increased perceivability of the line reader
To use a line reader, learners need to perceive how it works. We’ve updated our line reader with visual indicators, icons, and screen reader messages, so learners know how it can be dragged and dropped.
Smoother navigation experience for reports
Instructors can now use better keyboard navigation with screen readers, when interacting with Learnosity reports in the browser.
Customer Advisories
Significant product changes are coming that could require action. Make sure your team is aware of these impending updates to avoid disruptions.
Upgrade to math rendering library
MathJax, the math rendering library loaded with our APIs, will be updated from version 2.7 to version 3.2 in our next LTS release. Since the structure of version 3 differs significantly, we advise reviewing any custom work before upgrading. Note that the developer version of our APIs will load version 3.2 in early May 2023.
End of life for legacy activity editor
Support for the legacy activity editor in Author Site will end on July 31, 2023 in favour of the Author API based activity editor. Contact Learnosity support to migrate.
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What are Long Term Support (LTS) releases?

Long Term Support (LTS) versions (such as this one) are major Learnosity releases. Three times a year, we release a package of unified, supported versions of our APIs. See our documentation for more information.

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End of Life (EoL) Announcement

The following LTS versions will soon move into End of Life status:
  • v2021.1.LTS enters EoL on 15th of February, 2023.
  • v2021.2.LTS enters EoL in July, 2023.
Please note, all versions are permanently removed six months after they enter EoL, so plan accordingly to avoid service disruptions. Learn more