End of life announcement for the legacy Activity editor

The Author site supports two versions of Activity editors:

  1. An Author site based Activity editor which allows for configuration of the player in the deprecated ui_style based settings.
  2. Author API based Activity editor which supports the configuration of player options in the regions based format.


Figure 1: Author site based legacy Activity editor.


Figure 2: Author API based Activity editor in the Author Site.


Ever since we released the new version of the Activity editor based on the Author API in the Author Site, we have been getting great feedback and suggestions from the early adopters of the new Activity editor. We have made the Activity editor more powerful by incorporating some of the feedback, and will continue to improve on the it as we hear more from our customers.

We've made the decision to end support for the legacy Activity editor, so we can focus on bringing in more enhancements and feature support in the new Activity editor. Support for the legacy Activity editor will end on 31st July 2023 and it will not receive any upgrades or bug fixes beyond this date. 

From v2021.3.LTS, we have made changes to the new Activity editor so it automatically converts the player configurations from the deprecated ui_style based format to the newer regions based format. It is important that before switching to the new Activity editor, you upgrade the API version to be used in Author Site to v2021.3.LTS or higher through the Author site settings section in your Console account. 

If you are seeing the message in Author Site with a link to this article, it is because your Item Bank is still using the legacy Activity editor. We acknowledge that switching to the new Activity editor may have an impact on your authoring workflow, hence wanting to give you enough time to explore the new Activity editor. Please get in touch with us to get the new Activity editor enabled, for your development or testing Item Bank, to preview the new Activity editor and play around. Once you have explored the new Activity editor, let Learnosity support know if the new editor can be enabled for your production Item Banks before the EOL date of 31st July 2023.

To check the advantages of the API based Activity editor in the Author Site, as well as migration guide for changes needed on your side before the switch, please check our help article

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