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Using LaTeX and MathML With Learnosity

It is possible to have LaTex or MathML embedded within Questions to be displayed with MathJax.

LaTex and MathML can be embedded to display within Questions using the MathJax display engine.

The loading of Mathjax is handled by the API if a Question object contains an is_math attribute that is set to true. See Question attributes for more information.

The automatically handled MathJax has config values:

    messageStyle: "none",
    showMathMenu: false,
    menuSettings: {zoom: "Click"},
    "HTML-CSS": {
        minScaleAdjust: 120
    "SVG": {
        minScaleAdjust: 120
    imageFont: null

Should you wish to load and configure MathJax on the host page please follow this guide.

LaTex can be embedded by surrounding it with either:

  • \( \) for math equations to be displayed inline.
  • \[ \] for math equations to be displayed as a block.

For more information on MathJax LaTex support, see the MathJax LaTex documentation.

MathML tags <math> and namespaced MathML are supported by the Questions API. To have MathML display in browsers that do not support it, MathJax will need to be loaded by providing a true is_math attribute in the Question object.

MathML can be embedded with either:

  • <math></math> for math equations to be displayed inline.
  • <math display="block"></math> for math equations to be displayed as a block.


Supported MathML tags:

  • math
  • maligngroup
  • malignmark
  • menclose
  • merror
  • mfenced
  • mfrac
  • mglyph
  • mi
  • mlabeledtr
  • mlongdiv
  • mmultiscripts
  • mn
  • mo
  • mover
  • mpadded
  • mphantom
  • mroot
  • mrow
  • ms
  • mscarries
  • mscarry
  • msgroup
  • msline
  • mspace
  • msqrt
  • msrow
  • mstack
  • mstyle
  • msub
  • msup
  • msubsup
  • mtable
  • mtd
  • mtext
  • mtr
  • munder
  • munderover
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