2020.1.LTS Release Announcement

26th February 2020
Math question generator has arrived – and it’s math content creators new favorite tool. Learnosity’s 2020.1 Long Term Support release is brimming with delights, like response analysis reporting, an improved Author Site, and many more efficiency-enhancing features.
Our math question generator is undoubtedly the headline feature of our first LTS release of 2020, but it’s not the only show in town.
An easier, faster way to create math content
Math question generator is a powerful new interface that can automatically generate multiple variations of a problem using smart variables and auto-compute their answers – making life a whole lot easier for math content creators.
Support continuous learning with distractor rationale
Our new distractor rationale display allows educators to share immediate feedback with learners specific to their response. We've done the hard work too, so there's no need for custom development on your end.
Boost assessment stability in single-page apps
We've improved the internals of our assessment APIs to support the needs of single-page apps by enabling multiple instances to run side-by-side and ensuring they can be reset at any time.
Our latest authoring releases make it easier to collaborate on content, boost team productivity, enable educational standards alignment, and keep your data safe.
Enhanced Author Site with enterprise features
Our revamped Author Site now supports speedier content development via souped-up enterprise-level features like permission groups and workflows. The responsive design is also based on an accessible color palette.
New Academic Benchmarks Standards integration
We've made it easy to align your content with defined educational standards. Our new integration lets authors tag and filter Items based on Academic Benchmark's maintained standards.
Go with the workflow
Our new authoring workflow feature makes content collaboration crystal clear. Add the appropriate status to Items (draft, review, rework, blocked, or approved) for a more fluid review process.
More control over multiple choice
Authors can now reward good thinking over good fortune by restricting the number of responses a learner can select when answering multiple choice questions.
Doubling down on login security
We've added another line of defense to keep your data safer than ever with two-factor authentication upon login. Just enter your password, receive a one-off code on your phone, and complete login.
Our latest report allows you to analyze group performance on the fly.
View class responses at a glance
Our out-of-the-box response analysis report lets educators view a summary of students’ responses at a glance so they can quickly identify common misconceptions and take targeted actions to address individual or group needs.
As always, we continue to work closely with clients to identify areas where we can improve accessibility for all users.
Recent accessibility improvements
Notable enhancements: ability to customize ARIA labels for Math and Cloze question type input fields; ability to LabelBundle all hard-coded ARIA in Questions and Assess API, and improved keyboard navigation across question types.

What are Long Term Support (LTS) releases?

Long Term Support (LTS) versions (such as this one) are major Learnosity releases, shipping every four months. Three times a year, we will be releasing a package of unified, supported versions of our APIs.

See our documentation for more information.