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Learnosity Releases Overview

Sprint releases

Learnosity releases a new version of the "latest" codebase every three weeks, providing a constant stream of innovations. 

This should only be used for in-development systems targeting a production release using the next Long Term Support release (see further details) or for testing upcoming features while in development.

See the release logs pages for details of the latest sprint release. You can also sign up to the newsletter that is sent out for each release.

Long-term support (LTS) releases

LTS releases occur three times a year, and are designed for production use. Stable, secure, and with a reliable lifespan of two years, the LTS releases can be relied upon as a foundation for your product.

For a list of LTS releases, and information about we define LTS versions, see What are Long Term Support Releases?

For more information about the LTS version lifespan and end-of-life, see Release Cadence and Version Lifecycle.

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