2019.1.LTS Release Announcement

27th February 2019
You asked, so we delivered – here’s a selection of the juiciest deliverables from our first long-term release of 2019.
Including greater language support for engaging hundreds of millions of learners in their native tongues. And that’s just one release among many.
Support for right-to-left languages

Authors can now use Learnosity to create assessment content in right-to-left script, in Arabic. We’ll be extending bidirectional language support to cover other RTL languages and in more Question types over time.

Add key resources to assessments
The new resources panel lets educators effortlessly add crucial reference materials to their assessments for learners to use such as images, links, or files. Provide a glossary of terms, supplemental documents or a periodic table.
Author a system of inequalities in math
Authors can now add correct notation for a system of inequalities to the stimulus and template of math questions. This encloses the group of equations with a large left brace.
Easily keep archives in order
Archiving an Item no longer affects Activities you’re running in the background, meaning archived Items will still render perfectly in existing Activities.
Keep archived Items separate from existing Activities
Archived Items can no longer be added to new Activities, thereby preventing untidy archive accumulations in your assessments.
Partial match scoring for number line and hotspot Questions
We’ve added partial scoring to number line and hotspot Question types so you can award marks to partially correct student responses.
=========================== AUTHOR ============================
New releases that make life easier for busy content authors.
Make titles mandatory
Never let anonymous Items and Activities ruin your day again. You can now make it mandatory to enter titles so that it’s easier to keep work organized, trackable, and consistent.
Tag Items and Activities automatically
Once configured, newly created Items or Activities can now be given Tags automatically, saving authors the time and effort of doing so themselves.
Upload files to Items
You can now upload files into Items for students to use. Any time that Item is accessed, the files will be available as well.
Create new users with ease
We’ve streamlined the user creation process in Learnosity Console, to make adding new users a breeze.
Risk-free Item editing
In the past, editing Items carried the risk of altering Activities that were in use. The status indicator eliminates this risk by letting you know if the Item you’re editing is part of an existing Activity.
Custom metadata control
We’ve mobilized the custom metadata field in the user interface so you can position it wherever you want, while you work.
Size text as you want it
By adding the ability to change font sizes in the rich text editor, we’ve made it easier to make key information clearer and improve readability.
Match all possible responses
Content authors can now quickly set up scoring validation for cloze Question types that allows for multiple possible correct responses, thereby eliminating the need to define all possible combinations manually.
========================= ANALYZE ==========================
Our latest releases make it easier for you to quickly locate important information.
Improved author attribution
You can now attach creators to Activities duplicated via Data API, and they'll appear in audit trails and Activity records.
Item bank data chart
The new ‘Item bank data’ chart in Learnosity Console lets you check Question and Feature types authored as well as total Items per Item bank.
============================ ACCELERATE ===========================
One of our ongoing goals is to lower friction so you can boost productivity. Here are the new releases that help do just that.
Enhanced live monitoring
Thanks to improved scaling, system speed, and reliability, our real-time Activity monitoring is now a far smoother and more responsive experience.
Clearer Console navigation
We’ve streamlined the user interface on Learnosity Console to make it easier to navigate and access what you need when managing your account.
========================== UPGRADING ==========================

What are Long Term Support (LTS) releases?

Long Term Support (LTS) versions (such as this one) are major Learnosity releases. Every four months, we will be releasing a package of unified, supported versions of our APIs.

See our documentation for more information.