2021.3.LTS Release Announcement

14th October 2021
In our latest release, we've welcomed computer code blocks into questions to beef up our STEM capabilities, added a bunch of authoring productivity enhancements, and improved the performance of the Learnosity system.
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We've added a major new feature to unlock online learning in computer science, as well as several big improvements to sections.
Extending questions for coders
Reach more learners. Software programming and engineering learners can now enter code when submitting essay responses in two different ways: either formatted inline with the body text or as a discrete code block.
More flexible sections
We’ve made a series of improvements to our popular sections feature, increasing flexibility to limits, timing, counting, and shuffling.
Dynamic content enhancements
We’ve added the ability to choose a specific row from the dynamic content data table to be returned to the learner. Also, when choosing dynamic delivery, we now randomize at the item instead of session level.
For this release, we’ve focused on boosting authoring efficiency for educators and content creators.
Optimized item search
We’ve rebuilt our item search to ensure lightning-fast performance for users of 2020.1.LTS onwards. This upgrade relieves pressure on our item bank search caused by the enormous growth we’ve seen in content recently.
Faster activity configuration
Content creators can now quickly and easily adjust activity settings within the user interface, which includes options like autosave or idle timeout warning.
Keep activities consistent
Content admins can now build player templates, which content creators can use as the basis for activities. This helps maintain a consistent user experience for both authors and learners.
More powerful activity editing for Author API
For users of the Author API activity editor in our new Author Site, your experience just got more powerful. This upgrade includes improved navigation, resource menu options, as well as tag and layout editing for items.
Users are disabled by their environments, not their impairments. That’s why we constantly strive to create a more inclusive assessment experience.
Color contrast for authors
The colors available within a UI directly impacts how easily authors can read or perceive content, so we’ve just optimized color contrast within the widget editing experience for text, backgrounds, and buttons.
Performance and Stability
We’re obsessed by performance and stability, so we continue to make enhancements that improve this area for all our customers.
Questions load in a flash
In the last 12 months the Items API response time has gotten 35% faster - from a previously fast 95th percentile of 102ms this has been reduced to a blistering 66ms. 
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End of Life (EoL) Announcement

The following LTS versions will soon move into End of Life status:
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  • v2020.1.LTS enters EoL on February 16th, 2022
  • v2020.2.LTS enters EoL on July 13th, 2022
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