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2018.2.LTS Release Announcement

Learnosity Release Announcement

v2018.2.LTS (Long Term Support) 
3 October 2018

The Learnosity 2018.2 Long Term Support (LTS) release represents a major advance in features for students as well as education content authors.


Learn section

Learnosity 2018.2 delivers new features for consuming multimedia content in every aspect of assessment. Also, students find new motivation to succeed with mastery learning.

Annotations for students

Annotations for fun and learning

In online assessments, students can now draw freehand right into the browser window, place sticky notes onto the page, highlight text, and use a notepad to annotate their work.

Mastery learning and dynamic content

I think I can, I know I can...

Our mastery learning functionality allows you to offer “Try Again” as a button the student can press, which will serve another version of the question, with different question content. This is using our dynamic content functionality.

Video recording Question type

Students at center stage

This new feature allows students to respond to questions by recording a video on the fly, during the assessment. This could capture spoken responses for language learning, a detailed verbal description or many other possibilities.


create section

Learnosity 2018.2.LTS brings targeted improvements for authors creating content and developers producing great learning applications.

Video recording for authors

Author video, instantly

Say goodbye to rendering or encoding video files, and the double handling that creates. This should significantly reduce the busywork that usually goes along with video production. Just record to camera, click to submit, and you’re done.

Permission access

Who has the keys?

Take control of your content pipeline with new user permission groups, allowing you to allocate roles and access to fit with your workflow. Additionally, manage users and groups easily from the centralized Learnosity Console.

Activity Editor upgrades

Better assessment creation

You’ll now be able to Tag Activities to enhance search and retrieval, quickly duplicate Activities, and even now put friendly titles on your Activities that are easy to read and remember.

Audio recording for authors

Audio in a jiffy

Empower your content creators to add voice or sound elements to their learning materials in a spontaneous, immediate way. Cutting out many steps, creators can capture the audio they need, attach it and move on.

Multiple Item bank support

All your banks at once

When you’re compiling Items in-house, while also using external Item bank vendors, it helps to be able to use multiple Item banks. This will be helpful for content creation teams.


Understand section

Gain better intelligence on your own Learnosity Items in our Console, and explore learning outcomes for an entire cohort in one chart.

Understand student reasoning with annotations

Why did they do that?

When scoring students’ assessments, educators can now see annotations that students have added to the assessment such as text highlighting, sticky notes, notepad entries and freehand sketches.

Learnosity Console

Your stats are in sight

The new insights module in the Learnosity Console presents Learnosity usage data over time. This management, analysis and configuration tool lets you keep track of exactly how your company is using Learnosity.

Learning outcomes report

Roll up your students

The learning outcomes report now has a new "student roll-up view", which can automatically sum the totals of many formative assessments to show one value, indicating progress measured against standards or outcomes.


Faster section

Our never-ending quest to improve performance and user experience.

Author API searching improvements

Find that thing!

The searching experience in Author API is much improved. Activity titles let you give Activities a human name, suggested Tags works better, while Item list and Item search now load around 50% faster on average.

Faster assessment delivery

Assessments at warp speed

We’ve overhauled our software architecture, and seen some dramatic reductions in the time it takes to load or resume an assessment. For some cases, Learnosity users will see load times up to 40% faster.

Thank you!

Thanks to our major customers, partners and collaborators who provided input for this release.


What are Long Term Support (LTS) releases?
Long Term Support (LTS) versions (such as this one) are major Learnosity releases, shipping every four months. Each February, June, and October we will be releasing a package of unified, supported versions of our APIs.

See our documentation for more information.

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