Managing User Roles in Learnosity Console




Learnosity Console includes roles that influence user permissions across entire application as well as some module specific ones. 

The primary roles that regulate access throughout the Learnosity Console are as follows:

  • Access (Edit profile only),
  • User
  • Admin.

Console Access (Edit profile only)

By default, all Learnosity users are initially given the very basic Console Access role that allows editing their Learnosity profile only. This basic access will not reveal any of the other sections of Learnosity Console.

Having the Console User role enables users to access any module that doesn't have its own subset of roles, such as: 

  • Learnosity Dashboard (home screen),
  • Item Analysis 
  • Custom Questions.

The Console Admin role is an all access role for the Learnosity Console. It gives the user access and permissions for everything available within the Console - including modules that have their own role subsets. 

User Manager

The User Manager role allows managers to manage users for other Learnosity Sites (such as Author Site), as well as Console Site itself in a restricted way.

A user with the User Manager role can:

  • Create new users.
  • Edit a users username.
  • Send a password reset email to the user.
  • Edit a users first name and surname.
  • Activate/Deactive a user.
  • Give basic console access:
    • Give users the Console User role (see above).
  • Give author site access:

The System Administrator role allows users to manage the Configuration section of Learnosity Console, including Item banks and Consumer configuration. 

In the Item banks management section, a System Administrator can:

  • Change the Item bank name.
  • See which consumer key is being used in Author Site.
  • See which consumers have access to the Item bank.

In the Consumer management section, a System Administrator can:

  • Add/remove white listed domains for the Consumer.
  • Link additional Item banks to the Consumer (with Read-Only or Write access).
    (Note: unlinking or modifying Item bank access can be done by contacting Learnosity Support)
  • Set the API Options - CSS file for the Consumer and the valid API timestamp time frame
  • View and add the authentication keys for the Consumer.

The Management Admin role gives a user access to both User Management and Configuration sections, including all capabilities of the User Manager and System Administrator roles.



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