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Using Multiple Item Bank Sources in the Author API

This article outlines how to initialise the Author API with content from different Learnosity hosted Item banks.

By default, the Author API will source Items from the requesting clients' default Item bank.

However, if the requesting client wishes to load Items from a different Item bank, they can do so by overriding the organisation_id in the initialisation object.

Clients must first contact Learnosity to set up access to an additional Item bank / organisation. Once this has been set up, Learnosity will provide an organisation_id to use. Access to this secondary Item bank can be read only or read/write.

Sample Code
| Pass organisation_id to override the default Item bank
| Specify an `organisation_id` at the root of the
| initialisation object.
| Clients must liaise with Learnosity to set up this access.

    "mode": "item_list",
    "config": {...},
    "user": {...},
    "organisation_id": 1
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