2024.2.LTS Release Announcement

26th June 2024
Learnosity’s assessment engine just had another glow-up. ✨ Our latest major release enhances efficiency for authors and graders with AI tools, improves accessibility for both educators and learners, and simplifies the documentation experience for devs.
Want a closer look at our AI roadmap? Check out our on-demand webinar with with CEO Gavin Cooney and CPO Neil McGough to see what we’ve got in the works. Watch the webinar.
AI is transforming the assessment landscape—and Learnosity is paving the way ahead.
Author Aide available via Author API
Our AI-assisted authoring tool is now accessible via Author API, enabling content authors to rapidly generate high-quality items within their existing authoring interface. Contact us to get started.
Author Aide API is also available
Author Aide is now available as a standalone API. To give customers greater flexibility for integration, Author Aide can be accessed independent of any other Learnosity API.
Extended language support for Author Aide
Author Aide translates your existing items quickly and effectively. Author Aide now supports 43 languages for item translation—and more are coming.
Want early access to our upcoming AI-powered grading tool?
Feedback Aide will soon be available for a closed preview. Feedback Aide's AI-powered, rubric-based grading assists educators with automated essay scoring, saving educator time while supporting learner progress. If you’d like to be considered for early access to this supercharged scoring tool, click below.👇
Learnosity will never stop making our assessment experiences more accessible, inclusive, and equitable. These are our latest enhancements.
Full keyboard support for the notepad
Guided by best practices in web accessibility, we've upgraded the Annotations API so that the notepad can be moved, resized, and positioned entirely by keyboard.
Improved perceivability in reporting
If information is conveyed in color alone, some visually impaired users can’t access it. We’ve updated our Last Score By Item User report to include icons, in addition to color, to more clearly communicate learner results.
Plot twist! Our number line just got more operable
Navigating the number line with plot in a non-visual way has long been an accessibility challenge—but we finally cracked it. In our new assessment VPAT, the number line has been upgraded to be fully accessible.
A fast track to text-to-speech capabilities
ReadSpeaker is now a Marketplace Partner, which enables Learnosity users to seamlessly integrate text-to-speech technology quickly and easily. This partnership strengthens our ability to deliver exceptional, inclusive assessment experiences.
When our customers share insightful feedback on how to improve our tools, we take note. That’s exactly what happened with our latest assessment randomization feature.
A trio of updates to random activities
    1. Author Site now supports random activities, which are enabled by default.
    2. Authors can now create new items within random assessment item groups.
    3. For a more flexible authoring workflow, empty item groups can now be saved.
Developer Experience
Devs make the magic happen. To better support them, we've simplified our documentation to minimize friction while working with Learnosity APIs.
A more streamlined documentation experience
To improve discoverability for developers, we've consolidated all our documentation from our Reference and Help sites into a single location: help.learnosity.com.
Check out our on-demand webinar with CEO Gavin Cooney and CPO Neil McGough to see what’s coming next on our AI roadmap. Watch the webinar

What are Long Term Support (LTS) releases?

Long Term Support (LTS) versions (such as this one) are major Learnosity releases. Three times a year, we release a package of unified, supported versions of our APIs. See our documentation for more information.

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End of Life (EoL) Announcement

The following LTS versions are moving into End of Life status:
  • v2022.2.LTS enters EoL in July, 2024.
  • v2022.3.LTS enters EoL in December, 2024.
Please note, all versions are permanently removed six months after they enter EoL, so plan accordingly to avoid service disruptions. Learn more