2020.3.LTS Release Announcement

4th November 2020
We’ve risen to the challenges that 2020 has thrown our way and stayed true to our mission to raise the standard for the EdTech industry. Here’s a peek at what we’ve been up to...
Data and Analytics
Before they can correct their students’ mistakes, teachers need the functionality to correct their own. We’ve got just the thing.
Rescoring for exams
Autoscoring is a major timesaver for teachers – except when the scoring logic is authored incorrectly. Now it’s easier to adjust the validation rules and rescore exams, so students get the right results.
For this release, we’ve focused on a better overall user experience for authors by improving stability, accuracy, and functionality.
Updated activity editor in the new Author Site
Advanced Author API based activity editor features are now available in the Author Site: filtering the activity list for users, activity titles, browsing multiple item banks and filtering items based on attached standards.
Enhanced toolbar controls for question editing
You can now customize the default toolbar that appears when formatting questions and features to allow you to hide or rearrange the menu options that are available
to authors.
Bring older items into the content review workflow
Setting specific workflow states for your existing Items is now a breeze. We’ve introduced a programmatic way of updating workflow state in bulk via the Data API.
After months of intensive work, our drawing question type is now better and faster
than ever.
A better drawing canvas
Quickly create a drawing question using one of our prefilled gridded, dotted, or lined backgrounds, which come in handy for geometry and free-response math questions.
Support for right-to-left languages
Due to increased usage of the drawing question type worldwide, we’ve built in support for right-to-left languages like Arabic and Hebrew. We’ll be rolling out bidirectional language support for more question types
in future.
Quick on the draw
We found a nifty way to cut the data stored on our servers from drawing responses in half without compromising quality, which allows this question type to work faster
for learners.
We've continued to advance our product accessibility to bring as many learners into the fold as possible. Consulting our VPAT, we’ve worked hard to resolve anything that disrupts the user experience.
Opening doors for more learners
Building on our extensive accessibility support, we’ve made 42 new code and content revisions for accessibility, such as skip-to-navigation links at the end of each item, improving the user experience.

What are Long Term Support (LTS) releases?

Long Term Support (LTS) versions (such as this one) are major Learnosity releases, shipping every four months. Three times a year, we release a package of unified, supported versions of our APIs. See our documentation for more information.

Deprecation notice: Image highlight question type

We recommend customers use the drawing question type for any new learning content that involves a student highlighting areas of an image. More information in the deprecation notice.

Upgrading? Read the migration guide

Get detailed technical instructions on what you'll need to do when upgrading, in the migration guide for this release.
Catch our release webinar
Learnosity’s Director of Product, Michael Sharman, hosts a webinar to give you a closer look at all the latest features included in 2020.3.LTS.