2024.1.LTS Release Announcement

6th March 2024
Delivering best-in-class assessment experiences requires continuous innovation—which is why Learnosity’s assessment engine is the gold-standard. In our latest major release, we’re combating cheating, elevating STEM assessments, taking AI-enriched assessment authoring to the next level, and more.
Want to unlock the full potential of AI-assisted authoring? Check out our on-demand webinar with CEO Gavin Cooney and CPO Neil McGough for a deep dive on Author Aide. Watch the webinar.
Delivering assessments with randomized questions
used to be tricky, but it just got a lot easier.
Deliver more secure, efficient assessments with random activities
You can now deliver different sets of items to different learners from an assigned item group, with items chosen randomly at runtime. Using random activities in Author API, you reduce effort for authors, increase item bank longevity, and combat cheating.
At Learnosity, continuous improvement of product accessibility is a big deal. Our latest enhancements focus on perceivability and operability for learners.
A more accessible number line plot question type
The number line plot question type is used in a range of STEM assessments. With this comprehensive update, we’ve added full keyboard support.
More operable sticky notes
Guided by best practices in web accessibility, we’ve updated Annotations API to enable sticky notes to be moved around, resized, and positioned using the
keyboard alone.
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
STEM assessments cover some of the most complex subjects in the world of learning. Through Learnosity’s Partner Ecosystem, we aid innovation by connecting you with experts in the STEM community.
A flexible notepad for STEM assessments
STEM learners require notepads with specialized capabilities. With GeoGebra Notes, learners can annotate on-screen assessments with the flexibility to add scribbled notes, geometric shapes, charts, equations, and much more.
Extending assessments for coders
Help coders prepare for the reality of their future careers. With Qualified’s custom question, you can create computer science experiences grounded in real-world learning and placement outcomes.
New symbols for the math keypad
Early math learners can now use question marks (?) in the math keypad to represent variables such as x. This helps them understand the unknown or variable nature of these concepts. We also added the greater-than-or-equal-to (and the less-than-or-equal-to) signs (,), as an alternative to (,).
You asked for one of our reports to be upgraded, and we delivered.
More flexible response analysis report
Our response analysis report displays a summary of responses for a group of learners. This report is now capable of rendering items that have multiple versions. Item references can also be shown for the multiple-versioned items in a user interface element.
Our self-service team is always thinking of new ways to make the customer experience smoother and faster than before.
Improved platform management
Using advanced filters on Learnosity Console, admins can take full control of user access by allowing them to filter by role, item bank, and permission group. This feature speeds up the process of making sure the right people have the right permissions.
Learnosity Author Aide - AI powered authoring assistant
Author Aide enhancements
Since its launch a few months back, Author Aide is already proving a hit—and it's about to get some major upgrades.
  • Delivery via API: You’ll have the option to access our AI-assisted authoring capabilities within your existing content management system.
  • Retrieval augmented generation: You’ll be able to leverage AI to not only create content, but also easily pull in relevant information for more accurate, context-aware, and information-rich output.
  • Bulk generation of content: This capability will allow you to produce large volumes of high-quality, AI-generated content at an unprecedented scale.
Customer Advisories
Here’s some important feature retirement information.
Sunset notice for image aspect lock option
Please note that the image aspect lock option will soon be removed. This feature could be used to adjust the aspect ratio of graphic images before presenting them on the page. Due to low usage by customers, this feature will be removed with the release of v2024.2.LTS (June, 2024).
Want to unlock the full potential of AI-assisted authoring? Check out our on-demand webinar with CEO Gavin Cooney and CPO Neil McGough for a deep dive on Author Aide. Watch the webinar

What are Long Term Support (LTS) releases?

Long Term Support (LTS) versions (such as this one) are major Learnosity releases. Three times a year, we release a package of unified, supported versions of our APIs. See our documentation for more information.

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End of Life (EoL) Announcement

The following LTS versions are moving into End of Life status:
  • v2022.1.LTS entered EoL in February, 2024.
  • v2022.2.LTS enters EoL in July, 2024.
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