Migration Guide for 2024.1.LTS

This page lists important information for Learnosity customers who are upgrading to the 2024.1.LTS (Long Term Support) version.

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Improvements to number line plot Question type

The number line plot Question type has been redeveloped to improve accessibility.

As part of this, many new internationalization (i18n) label definitions have been added, such as those used for screen reader text.

Those who support languages other than English for their assessments should review their translations for this Question type to ensure they have covered any new definitions.

Brightcove video player deprecation

We have deprecated Brightcove as an option for the video player Feature and Simple Feature because of security concerns with cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks due to the way Brightcove videos are embedded on pages. Existing widgets which use the Brightcove video player will not be impacted, and can be edited. However we highly suggest that you migrate your existing videos from Brightcove to a Learnosity supported player so they can be used in assessment content creation.

Deprecated Brightcove as an option for the video player Feature.

CSS changes for UI improvements

Below is a summary of all CSS changes between the previous LTS release and this release. Generally, these changes contain new feature implementations and various accessibility improvements.

See all CSS changes between v2023.3.LTS and v2024.1.LTS in GitHub

Annotations API

  • Updated the sticky note module to use the Learnosity design system (LDS) flexible container.

Author API

  • Added styles for the new random Activities authoring functionality.
  • Added several new Learnosity design system (LDS) components as part of the random Activities functionality.
  • Updated the LDS button component. This change updates the default button styles across all of Author API and it is recommended to review your existing button style overrides for potential changes. 

LDS buttons changes

All LDS buttons used in Author API have had their border radius changed from 2px to 4px


All LDS button focus styling has been updated

  • The focus style now uses the CSS outline property. Previously, it used to use the pseudo element ::after
  • Consequently, when the button is focused, the outline's corners are more rounded that before,  since that is now automatically handled by the browser, which makes sure the outline runs "parallel" to the elements border radius.


LDS secondary button changes

The LDS secondary button has had a 1px wide border added



Questions API

  • Updated various number line plot styles to improve accessibility.
  • Improved label image Question types with clearer focus on the active element.
  • Fixed a bug where table as a response in the classification Question type did not follow the content's width.
  • Replaced CSS transparent with RGBA values.



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