request - Items API

Request Object

The Request object contains all of the configuration properties for user & session identification, user interface look and feel, as well as which Items or Activities to load.

Only a few properties are mandatory, the rest provide a high level of customization to enable you to tailor the assessment experience to suit your needs.


= mandatory property

  • activity_id string

    Specifies a unique identifier for a group of sessions.

  • activity_template_id string

    The reference of an existing Activity stored in Learnosity's Item bank.

  • adaptive object

    Configuration for an adaptive assessment.

  • config object

    Configure options relating to the assessment player experience and behavior of Items API.

  • dynamic_items object

    The properties inside this object are used to configure options relating to Dynamic Content, a form of smart content which allows many variations of the same Question.

  • events boolean

    Enables the use of Events API in the current assessment.

  • item_pool_id string

    Sets the default Item pool to retrieve content from, such as Activities and Items.

  • items array[strings] array[ItemObject]

    Defines the Items to be used in the current assessment.

  • name string

    Specifies a human-friendly name of the Activity that will be displayed in Reports API and Data API.

  • organisation_id number

    Sets the default Item bank to retrieve content from, such as Activities and Items that can be used in the assessment.

  • rendering_type string

    The rendering type dictates whether the Activity will be rendered using the Learnosity's assessment player, or within an Items container embedded in multiple different locations on the page.

  • retrieve_tags boolean

    Retrieves Tags for all Items when the assessment is loaded.

  • scoring_type string

    Override the scoring type of the Items loaded from the Item Bank.

  • sections array[SectionObjects]

    Sections allows you to split an Activity into separate groups of Items.

  • session_id string

    Uniquely identify the learner's assessment session.

  • session_metadata object

    Custom metadata to include for the learner's assessment session.

  • state string

    Sets the state of the Activity when the assessment is initialized.

  • subscores array[subscoreDefinition]

    Define which Items or Item tags should be used to create subscore groups for further calculations and analysis.

  • type string

    Specifies the context for where the learner's responses are submitted and stored.

  • user_id string

    The ID of the learner that is attempting the assessment.

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