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Items API Initialization


The reference of an existing Activity stored in Learnosity's Item bank. The specified Activity acts as a base which contains a default set of Items and properties for the assessment Activity.

You would want to specify this value so that you can initialize an assessment without needing to define the same properties each time the same learner Activity is created. Some of these properties can then be overridden if required, by providing them in the initialization options.

For example, a "base" Activity could have multiple overrides applied so that you can change the title of the assessment, change the selected Items, or even use a custom regions configuration that should be applied to all assessments.

Note Activity references (called activity_template_id when you initialize an assessment) are limited to 150 characters.

Note The activity_template_id and the items initialization options are mutually-alternative. To specify Items for an assessment, you can provide either an activity_template_id or a defined list of Items using the items initialization option.


// Initialize an assessment based on an existing Activity
var initializationOptions = {
    "activity_template_id": "11111111-2222-3333-4444-aaaaaaaaaaaa"
    // ...


Attribute path activity_template_id

Type string


The items initialization option has priority over activity_template_id, if they are both configured.

Best practices

  • It is recommended to use a UUID for this value.

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