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Items API Initialization


Specifies the context for where the learner's responses are submitted and stored.

You must define this option so that you can select whether to store the responses with the Learnosity servers, or manage the responses yourself in your offline app or unique use case (for example, to ensure that the learner data is only stored in particular geographical regions or your own self-managed data stores).


// Initialize the assessment using Learnosity's data storage
var initializationOptions = {
    type: "submit_practice"
    // ...


Attribute path type

Default "submit_practice"

Type string

Possible values

  • "submit_practice"

    The assessment is rendered and responses are stored in Learnosity's servers, allowing for grading and review of the session. The reports for this session can be accessed through Reports API and the data is available for use in Data API.

  • "local_practice"

    The assessment is rendered, but the responses will not be stored in Learnosity's servers. In this mode, you will need to use a method such as getResponses() to extract and persist the learner's responses in your own application database.

  • "feedback"

    Renders the assessment for teachers so that they can provide feedback to learners on the existing responses.

  • "offline_app"

    Allows the application to run without needing an internet connection. See Using Local Device Assessment for more information.

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this is a mandatory property.

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