Handling Student and Teacher Feedback Sessions With the Items API


The feedback type was introduced to support rendering Activities for teachers to provide feedback to students on their work.

In order to avoid having to create copies of feedback Items so they can be used against multiple Questions in a student Activity, the feedback type allows rendering the same Item multiple times by requiring the host environment to provide a unique id for each.

See our Case Study - Teacher Feedback demo to preview the feedback functionality.


The items array in feedback Activities expects objects instead of strings. These objects must contain both the reference of the Item and an id, which must be unique within the Activity.

    "type": "feedback",
    "items" : [
            "id": "feedback_1", "reference": "mcq_feedback"
            "id": "feedback_2", "reference": "mcq_feedback"


When using "inline" rendering_type, the host environment must place the corresponding span element where the Item should be rendered, but in the data-reference attribute the id of the Item must be provided instead of the reference.

<span class="learnosity-item" data-reference="feedback_1"></span>
<span class="learnosity-item" data-reference="feedback_2"></span>


Similar to the "submit_practice" type, feedback Activities allow persisting the responses provided by calling the save() public method, or via the default save buttons provided in the Learnosity API interfaces.

However, feedback Activities cannot be submitted for grading/reporting. The submit() public method is disabled.

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