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Items API Initialization


Configure options relating to the assessment player experience and behavior of Items API.


var initializationOptions = {
    "config": {
        "administration": {
            // ...
        "annotations": false,
        // ...


Attribute path config

Type object


  • administration object

    Enables a password protected dialog containing options for administrators to control the current assessment.

  • annotations boolean

    Enables the use of Annotations API in the assessment and is loaded with all default modules.

  • annotations_api_init_options object

    Enable and provide custom initialization options to the Annotations API.

  • configuration object

    Options for customizing the behavior and features of the assessment player.

  • ignore_question_attributes array

    Removes specified attributes from all Questions in the Activity before loading and rendering them in the assessment.

  • labelBundle object

    Specify overrides for labels and text content shown in the assessment player.

  • navigation object

    Adds or removes interface elements (buttons, dialogs, etc.) for navigation within the assessment player.

  • questions_api_init_options object

    Provides direct access to some Questions API functionality which allows you to set global overrides for all Questions in the assessment, such as Question rendering options and scoring behavior.

  • regions string object

    The assessment player layout is split into multiple regions which can be customized with many elements and button components.

  • subtitle string

    Sets the subtitle of the assessment player.

  • time object

    Specifies parameters related to the assessment timer such as countdown and expiry settings.

  • title string

    Sets the title of the assessment player.

this is a mandatory property.

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