config.configuration - Initialization - Items API

Items API Initialization


Options for customizing the behavior and features of the assessment player.

You would want to specify these options so that you can enable various customizations such as changing the redirections URLs when the assessment is submitted, and enabling reading time settings, for example.

Important Supported with rendering_type: "assess" only.


var initializationOptions = {
    "config": {
        "configuration": {
            "lazyload": false,
            "focus_on_player": false,
            "onsubmit_redirect_url": "",
            "onsave_redirect_url": false,
            "ondiscard_redirect_url": "",
            "reading_mode": {
                "reading_time": 300,
                "warning_time": 60,
                "goto_first_item_on_reading_time_completion": true
            "contrast": "black-on-white",
            "contrast": {
                "active": "Example 1",
                "custom_palettes": [
                        "name": "Example 1",
                        "colors": {
                            "content-background": "#ffffff",
                            "content-color": "#000000",
                            "content-color-hover": "#cccccc"
                        "name": "Example 2",
                        "colors": {
                            "content-background": "#ffffff",
                            "content-color": "#000000",
                            "content-color-hover": "#cccccc"
            "fontsize": "normal",
            "idle_timeout": false,
            "events": false,
            "shuffle_items": false,
            "disable_item_workflow": false,
            "submit_criteria": {
                "type": "attempted",
                "threshold": 0.1
            "submit_failed_options": {
                "mailto": false,
                "download": false
            "auto_retry_failed_images": false


Attribute path config.configuration

Type object


  • accessibility object

    Options for configuring the Items API accessibility settings.

  • auto_retry_failed_images boolean

    This option will attempt to reload any images that have failed to load within Questions and Features in the assessment.

  • contrast object string

    Defines the active color scheme for the assessment player for accessibility purposes.

  • disable_item_workflow boolean

    Disable actions from being executed for all Items in the assessment.

  • events boolean

    Enables the use of Events API in the current assessment.

  • focus_on_player boolean

    Sets the browser focus to the start button element on the intro page when the assessment player has loaded.

  • fontsize string

    Set the default font size used to render the text content inside the assessment player.

  • idle_timeout boolean object

    Specifies whether a dialog will be shown to the learner after a period of inactivity.

  • lazyload boolean

    Enables lazy rendering of Items from the Item Bank to improve loading times during initialization of Items API and the assessment player.

  • ondiscard_redirect_url boolean string

    The URL to redirect the learner to when the assessment has been discarded by a proctor.

  • onsave_redirect_url boolean string

    The URL to redirect the learner to when the assessment has been saved successfully.

  • onsubmit_redirect_url boolean string

    The URL to redirect the learner to when the assessment has been submitted successfully.

  • questionsApiVersion string

    Items API automatically sets the correct Questions API version to load.

  • question_indexing boolean

    Displays sequential numbering for all Questions in the assessment, with indentation.

  • reading_mode object

    Allocate a reading time period where learners can browse and read the assessment.

  • section_options object

    Contains various options for assessments that use sections.

  • shuffle_items boolean string

    Randomizes the order of Items in the assessment.

  • submit_criteria object

    Define the criteria the learner needs to meet in order to submit their assessment.

  • submit_failed_options object

    Set the options for the learner to manually retrieve and send their session responses in the event of a network failure or server issues preventing assessment submissions.

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