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Items API Initialization


Allocate a reading time period where learners can browse and read the assessment. During this time period, Questions are placed into a read-only state and pausing or submitting the assessment is disabled.

You would want to specify this option so that you can enforce an initial reading period before any Questions are attempted.


// Enable reading mode for 5 minutes with a warning when there is 1 minute left
var initializationOptions = {
    "config": {
        "configuration": {
            "reading_mode": {
                "goto_first_item_on_reading_time_completion": true,
                "reading_time": 300,
                "warning_time": 60


Attribute path config.configuration.reading_mode

Type object


  • goto_first_item_on_reading_time_completion boolean

    Automatically navigate to the first Question in the assessment once the reading time is over.

  • reading_time number

    Allocate a number of seconds as the reading time period.

  • warning_time number

    Display a visual warning indicator when there are a number of seconds left for the reading time.


  • Important The idle_timeout feature is disabled during reading time.
  • This feature is not available in the "review" state.
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