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Items API Initialization


Sets the state of the Activity when the assessment is initialized.

The state controls the startup modes of Items API, allowing for different behaviors when initializing an assessment. The different states are explained under the Values section.


// Start the assessment in the "review" state
var initializationOptions = {
    "state": "review"
    // ...


Attribute path state

Default "initial"

Type string

Possible values

  • "initial" starts a fresh new session and all Questions render as unattempted.
  • "resume" loads any existing session data and pre-populates the learner's saved responses.
  • "review" loads the session data, pre-populates all saved responses, and enables the validation UI for all Questions. All Questions are rendered in a read-only mode.
  • "preview" starts the assessment in read-only mode, allowing learners to preview the assessment without being able to interact with the Questions.

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