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Items API Initialization


Override the scoring type of the Items loaded from the Item Bank.

You would want to use this option so that you can ensure that all Questions in the assessment apply an alternative scoring logic, for example.


// Override all Items to use dichotomous scoring
var initializationOptions = {
    scoring_type: "dichotomous"
    // ...


Attribute path scoring_type

Type string

Possible values

  • "per-question"

    This is the default scoring type. The score for each Item is calculated by adding the score from each Question on the Item.

  • "dichotomous"

    Dichotomously scored Items have only two possible outcomes: fully correct or fully incorrect.

  • "dependent"

    In dependent scoring, the score taken from each Question depends on the scores of previous Questions on the Item.


Important If the scoring_type has been configured for an individual Item in the items initialization option, it will override this setting.

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