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Items API Initialization


The properties inside this object are used to configure options relating to Dynamic Content, a form of smart content which allows many variations of the same Question.

You would want to use this option so that you can display a programatically randomized order of Questions in an assessment, for example.


var initializationOptions = {
    "dynamic_items": {
        "data_table_seed": "my_custom_randomization_seed",
        "try_again": {
            "max_attempts": 5,
            "random": true
    // ...


Attribute path dynamic_items

Type object


  • data_table_seed string

    A randomizing seed that will be used to generate a sequence of data rows given to learners that use the Try Again functionality.

  • data_table_index integer

    Specifies a single row which sets a starting point in the dynamic content dataset for all Items in the assessment.

  • try_again object

    The configuration object for setting up the Try Again functionality.

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