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Author API based Activity editor in the Author Site

The new Author Site now supports the Author API-based Activity editor. This API based editor allows you to create and edit Items within Activities, allowing for faster corrections to Items in your banks.

You can also configure the editor to use multiple Items banks or Item pools to search for Items and add them to Activities. Items added from Item pools or read only Item banks cannot be edited.

You can configure custom player templates to be used in Activities if you don't wan't to use the default presets provided. The custom player templates cannot be modified by authors.

The list of Activities can be filtered out for specific authors using permission groups. You can also configure read-only access for Activities in your Item banks using the permission groups.

Note: To use the API based editor, you need to be on the new Author Site and using an API version of v2020.2.LTS or above.

We are working on a migration guide for supporting activities created using the Author Site based Activity Builder and bringing in support for adaptive assessments. 

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