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Assess API Events


Fires each time the assessment timer is updated, usually once per second by default when the assessment is not paused.

You would want to be notified about this event firing, because you might want to perform an action at a specific point in time for the assessment.


itemsApp.on('time:change', function (timeElapsed) {
    console.log('This code executes each time the assessment timer is updated.');

Callback arguments

  • timeElapsed integer

    The time elapsed in seconds.


This event will not fire during the reading time of the assessment.

Related articles

  • The getTime() public method, to get the current time in seconds when you are not using the time:change event.
  • The test:pause event, the event where the assessment timer has been paused.
  • The test:resume event, the event that occurs when the assessment is resumed.
  • The time:end event, the event that fires when the assessment's max_time has elapsed.
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