First Time Setup for Your API Consumer


When you become a Learnosity customer, our support team will provision one or more API Consumers and Item banks for you. These belong to your customer account and can be administered via the Learnosity Console

To use the Learnosity Console you will need to have a Learnosity User account with the right level of access in Learnosity Console. For more information, see managing user roles in Learnosity Console


Allowlisting hostname domains

For security purposes, we require you to allowlist hostname domains against your API Consumer. Once allowlisted, you can use your API Consumer to access Learnosity's APIs from these allowlisted domains. 

An example of a domain you would need to allowlist would be the domain of your web server which is making API calls to Learnosity.

You can add, edit or remove allowlisted domains for your API Consumer(s) via the Learnosity Console.

Please note, changes can take up to 30 minutes to take effect. 


API Consumer authentication keys

API Consumers can have one or more sets of authentication keys. An API Consumer authentication key set consists of the following:

  • Key
  • Secret
  • Label (optional)

You can view and generate new API Consumer authentication keys via the Learnosity Console, for use when authenticating Learnosity APIs. 

Please note changes can take up to 30 minutes to take effect. 

For more information, see Security and Authentication


Figure 2: The interface for viewing API Consumer authentication keys in the Learnosity Console.


Item bank linking

The Item banks provisioned for you by our support team, when you first become a Learnosity customer, will already be linked to your API Consumers. 

You can view existing or add new linking relationships between your Item banks and API Consumers via the Learnosity Console. 

Please note that changes can take up to 30 minutes to take effect. 




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