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Allows developers to override the default en-US language labels of the app.

You would want to call this method when you want to apply your localized language labels for the app.

If there is any rendered UI on the screen, the labels of those UI will change to reflect the provided labels.


await feedbackApp.setLabelBundle({
    "labels": {
        "save": "保存", 
        "stimulus_show_less": "少なく表示",
        "stimulus_show_more": "もっと見る"


  • options object

    Object containing the labels to override the default en-US labels.

    • labels object

      The labels to be used for overriding the default labels.

      See the list below for all the available en-US labels you can override.

      • comment_summary_of_feedback_label Summary of feedback
      • comment_max_char_limit {{count}} / {{charLimit}} character limit
      • error_ai_grading_credits_unavailable Credits unavailable for AI grading. You may continue to grade manually.
      • error_internal_server_error Unexpected error occurred while grading.
      • error_save_feedback_failed Unexpected error occurred while saving score. Please check your internet connection and try saving again.
      • feedback_summary_char_limit {{count}} / {{charLimit}} character limit
      • insufficient_to_grade Not scorable
      • legend_ai_graded Feedback Aide
      • legend_manual_graded Manual grading
      • retry_grading Retry grading
      • save_button_label_save Save
      • save_button_label_saved Saved
      • save_button_label_saving Saving
      • score_max_score {{score}} / {{maxScore}}
      • score_total_score Total score
      • score_your_score Your score
      • spinner_feedback_aide_grading Feedback Aide grading
      • spinner_loading Loading...
      • stimulus_show_less Show less
      • stimulus_show_more "Show more"

Return value

Type Promise

When the promise resolves, it will indicate that the label bundle has been set successfully.

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