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Author API Initialization


Configuration options for the Item search views such as the Item picker for Activities, intro and outro Item picker views for the assessment player, used by the Activity editor.

Important If a filter is specified for the item_list.filter initialization option and none are specified for the item_search initialization option, the Item list filter will be applied.


Attribute path config.activity_edit.item_search

Type object


  • back boolean

    Controls whether the back button is shown Item search views.

  • filter object

    Configuration options for filtering and restricting content that is shown on the Item search views.

  • item_banks array

    An optional list of additional Item banks from where Items for Activities can be loaded.

  • limit number

    Control the number of Items listed on each page in the Item picker, and intro and outro Item picker views.

  • show boolean

    Controls whether the "find Items" button is shown in the Activity editor view.

  • sort boolean

    Controls whether the sort dropdown list element is shown above the Item search results.

  • title object

    Configuration options for the Item title in the Item picker, intro and outro picker views.

  • toolbar object

    Configuration option for the search toolbar in the Activity editor.

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