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Author API Initialization


An optional list of additional Item banks from where Items for Activities can be loaded. If this option is not specified, all Items are loaded from the default Item bank.

You would want to use this to specify additional Item banks to load content from.


var initializationOptions = {
    "config": {
        "activity_edit": {
            "item_search": {
                "item_banks": [
                        "organisation_id": 123,
                        "item_bank_name": "Math Content",
                    // ...


Attribute path config.activity_edit.item_search.item_banks

Type array

Type definitions

  • ItemBankDefinition object

    • organisation_id number

      This refers to the Item bank from which the Items are loaded.

    • item_bank_name string

      The display name of the Item bank.

    • item_pool_id string

      The ID of the Item pool from which Items are loaded.

    • filter object

      An Item filter for the Item bank. The object structure is the same as the item_search.filter initialization option.

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