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Adds item(s) to the current activity.


    "lastItems": false,
    "config": {
        "title": "Activity title",
        "subtitle": "section 1",
        "navigation": {
            "show_prev": false,
            "show_progress": false,
            "toc": false
    "items": [{
        "content": "<span class=\"learnosity-feature feature-LEAR_17\"></span><span class=\"learnosity-response question-_ccore_43008\"></span>",
        "reference": "123456789",
        "features": [{
            "feature_id": "LEAR_17",
            "length": 44,
            "template": "Beginning in {num} seconds...",
            "type": "counter"
        "questions": [{
            "response_id": "_ccore_43008",
            "description": "<p>Read this sentence from the passage.</p>",
            "type": "plaintext"
        "content": "<span class=\"learnosity-response question-ccore_the_field\"></span>",
        "reference": "9876543210",
        "features": [],
        "questions": [{
            "response_id": "ccore_the_field",
            "duplicate_responses": true,
            "possible_responses": ["<img src=\"https://[imgurl]/bean.png\">"],
            "type": "classification",
            "ui_style": {
                "column_count": 2,
                "row_count": 4
            "validation": {
                "partial_scoring": "element",
                "penalty_score": 0,
                "show_partial_ui": true,
                "valid_responses": [],
                "valid_score": 1


  • options object

    • config object

      An optional test configuration override.

    • items array

      A list of items to be added.

    • lastItems boolean

      Only used in adaptive activities.

    • removePreviousItems boolean

      Whether to remove the previous items when adding new ones.

      Default: true

Return value

None (undefined).

Type definitions

  • ItemConfig object

    Configuration options for an item.

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