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Assess API Initialization


Enables various customizations such as redirect URLs and reading time settings.


"configuration": {
    "lazyload": false,
    "focus_on_player": false,
    "onsubmit_redirect_url": "",
    "onsave_redirect_url": false,
    "ondiscard_redirect_url": "",
    "reading_mode": {
        "reading_time": 300,
        "warning_time": 60,
        "goto_first_item_on_reading_time_completion": true
    "questionsApiVersion": "v2",
    "contrast": "black-on-white",
    "contrast": {
        "active": "Example 1",
        "custom_palettes": [
                "name": "Example 1",
                "colors": {
                    "content-background": "#ffffff",
                    "content-color": "#000000",
                    "content-color-hover": "#cccccc"
                "name": "Example 2",
                "colors": {
                    "content-background": "#ffffff",
                    "content-color": "#000000",
                    "content-color-hover": "#cccccc"
    "fontsize": "normal",
    "idle_timeout": false,
    "events": false,
    "shuffle_items": false,
    "disable_item_workflow": false,
    "submit_criteria": {
        "type": "attempted",
        "threshold": 50
    "submit_failed_options": {
        "mailto": false,
        "download": false
    "auto_retry_failed_images": false,
    "decouple_submit_from_review": false


Attribute path configuration

Type object


  • accessibility object

    Options for configuring the assessment player accessibility settings.

  • auto_retry_failed_images boolean

    If enabled, the Assess API will attempt to try to reload any failed images.

  • contrast object string

    Define the active color scheme.

  • disable_item_workflow boolean

    Disable to items workflow from being executed.

  • events boolean

    Whether to enable Events API for publishing/subscribing realtime events for the session.

  • focus_on_player boolean

    Set the focus to the Start button when there is an intro page, or to the first item when there is no intro page.

  • fontsize string

    The font size used to render text content inside Assess API.

  • idle_timeout boolean object

    When enabled, a dialog box will be shown after a number of seconds of inactivity.

  • lazyload boolean

    Enables lazy loading of items from the Item Bank to improve loading time during API initialization.

  • ondiscard_redirect_url boolean string

  • onsave_redirect_url boolean string

  • onsubmit_redirect_url boolean string

  • questionsApiVersion string

    Load the activity using the specified version of Questions API.

  • question_indexing boolean

    Adds indentation and sequential numbering to all questions in the activity.

  • reading_mode object

    Allocate a reading time period where the users can browse and read questions.

  • section_options object

    Enables various customizations for sections Assessment.

  • shuffle_items boolean string

    Enables shuffling of items based on a given seed.

  • submit_criteria object

    Define the criteria the user needs to meet in order to successfully submit their session.

  • submit_failed_options object

    Set the options for the user to manually retrieve and send their session responses in the event of a network failure or server issues preventing submissions.

  • decouple_submit_from_review boolean

    This flag allows the Review screen to be used as a tool independent from the submit pattern.

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