Learnosity Design System: 2024.1.LTS Release

Over the past few release cycles, our team has been diligently working behind the scenes, enhancing the design system. As you can see by the visual below, these changes are minimal, but they pave the way for easier updates and increased accessibility across our product suite.

For further technical details and code examples on the changes, please refer to the below links:


Auth API.gif
Image 1: visual difference animation of Author API buttons. 


Image 1: to the left of the drag bar is the new UI with the updated secondary button, on the right is the previous button styles.

We've also embarked on a journey of re-architecturing our system, making it more flexible and adaptable for the various systems and products we build. With the changes we have introduced,  capabilities such as theming (one component, multiple style sets) will allow us to support our full product suite with the use of variables.


Image 2: visual difference animation of two themes. 


Image 2: to the left of the drag bar is the default secondary button, while on the right is the same components, that uses the styles of our Questionmark product. Although theming isn't currently available to our customers, we have extended our components to include this capability which will make enabling this in the future much easier.

Note that this release will only affect users of the newest version of our Questions API and Author API, from v2024.1.LTS onward, released in February 2024.

As we continue the journey of building new components into our library, and retrofitting those back into our React-ready interfaces, the design system continues to remain an internal tool.


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