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Items API Initialization


Specifies whether to show an introduction page when the assessment player has loaded. If the intro_item initialization option is not set, the default message with the start button will be displayed instead.

You would want to specify this option so that you can turn off the introduction page and immediately show the first Item when the assessment has loaded.

The introduction page won't be shown if the session is in "resume" or "review" state.


// Disables the intro page
var initializationOptions = {
    "config": {
        "navigation": {
            "show_intro": false


Attribute path config.navigation.show_intro

Default true

Type boolean

Possible values

  • true Show the default introduction page.

  • false Immediately show the assessment content.


When show_intro is set to false, and the focus_on_player initialization option is set to true, the first Item in the assessment player will gain focus since the start button is not shown as it is part of the introduction page.

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  • The focus_on_player initialization option, which sets the browser focus to the start button element on the intro page when the assessment player has loaded.
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