Learnosity Design System: 2022.3.LTS Release

With the success of the last release (2022.2.LTS)  we are now continuing our design system journey by replacing a range of text only buttons across Questions API and Author API. For further technical details and code examples on the changes we have implemented, please refer to the below links:

We continue to retain as much of the existing DOM structure as possible, which allows us to more easily retrofit our product, gaining benefits of the new design system while requiring minimal changes from client development teams.

Below shows the comparison of the changes before and after one of the updates have been applied.


Image: visual difference animation. 

To the left of the drag bar is the new UI with the updated components, on the right is the previous (non design system buttons).

Note that this release will only affect users of the newest version of our Questions API and Author API, from v2022.3.LTS onward, released in November 2022.

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If you would like to share your thoughts, or help us with testing the robustness of the Design System rollout, please get in touch via the form here.


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