Viewing Interface Changes Between LTS Versions

With every LTS release, we often add new features and make adjustments to our products to ensure they meet (or exceed) web accessibility standards. We often try to keep our UI changes to a minimum to reduce the amount of work required when upgrading to a newer LTS version. 

For customers that heavily customize our products, we have built a tool which allows developers to view the CSS changes between any two LTS versions. In addition, we also publish a short summary of the UI changes in each of our migration guides to help add some context about what was changed. This can help with reducing the amount of time needed to visually confirm the LTS upgrade changes.

This tool can be found on the Learnosity GitHub organization and primarily uses the built-in comparison interface to show the changes. Alternatively, the repository can be cloned locally and analyzed using any other preferred text comparison program. 

The instructions on how to use the tool can be found in the repository's README file.


In summary, if you were looking to upgrade from v2021.1.LTS to our newer v2022.1.LTS, you could go to the following link and GitHub will show the CSS changes: 

The resulting page will list all CSS differences between the two specified LTS versions.

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