Deprecation notice: "formulaV2" question type


The "formulaV2" Question type is deprecated with the v2022.1.LTS release in February 2022. Math formula, Math with fractions, Math - fill in the blanks, Math with matrices, Math with units, and Math with text question templates all use the "formulaV2" Question type and therefore are removed from the question template view starting in v2022.1.LTS.

All existing content created with the "formulaV2" Question type is still accessible and editable for customers moving forward. However, no future development will occur for this Question type. For v2023.2.LTS and onward, customers should use the "clozeformulaV2" Question type, represented as Math in the template view, for any new math content that requires auto-scoring with our math engine.

Note since "clozeformulaV2" was released with v2023.2.LTS, if using Long Term Support versions v2022.1.LTS - v2023.1.LTS, we recommend using the "clozeformula" Question type, represented as Cloze math in the template view.

Why is it being deprecated?

As we aim to enhance our math product offering, we are looking to simplify the authoring experience. We are deprecating the "formulaV2" Question type because the "clozeformulaV2" and "clozeformula" Question types offers the functionality of "formulaV2" and more. The "clozeformulaV2" Question type has a rich text editor as the formula template leading to more possibilities. Authors can place multiple response boxes inline with text or math input. There is the additional option to modify the response container allowing for response boxes to be embedded in mathematical expressions.

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