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Previewing the Distractor Rationale by Authors

To help authors preview the response level or question level Distractor Rationale, you can enable the Show Distractor Rationale button by using the distractor_rationale_buttoninit option in Question Editor API. 

Basic use:

  • enabled: true  show the distractor rationale button. 
  • options: Array specifies the kinds of distractor rationale to be displayed – either perQuestion, perResponse or both. When the distractor rationale button is enabled, this is a required field.

To enable it in the Author API, you'll need to use the Question Editor init options as part of Author API's dependencies.

"dependencies": {
  "question_editor_api": {
    "init_options": {
      "ui": {
         "distractor_rationale_button": {
        	"enabled": true,
        	"options": [ "perQuestion", "perResponse" ]

The same default values and advanced options are available as the Questions API Activity Configuration, and control the visibility of preview options which will be shown to authors.  

Figure 3: Distractor Rationale preview in Author site using a Cloze with text question type as an example

Note that this only appears when previewed by authors either via Author Site or Author API. This does not affect what the student sees when it is rendered in the assessment.  
To enable the preview in Author Site, please contact our Support team.  
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