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Controlling Visibility of Tags in Author API

You can control the visibility of Tags, for example if there are certain Tags you want to show or hide. Additionally, you can make only certain Tags available for authors when:

  • Browsing through Items and Activities,
  • Searching for Items and Activities using Tags, or
  • Tagging Items and Activities based on the specified Tag type via the Author API initialization options show_tags and hide_tags.

Tags matching the Tag type specified in the initialization options would not be visible to Authors for:

  • Using "Find by tags" dropdown in the Item or Activity list views,
  • Browsing Items or Activities,
  • Adding Tags to Items or Activities, or
  • Viewing the Tags attached to an Item or Activity.

In addition, Tags not matching the Tag type specified the the initialization options would not be allowed to be set using the setItemTags and setActivityTags public methods. They would also not be fetched when using the getItemTags and getActivityTags public methods.

Note: You can specify hide_tags or show_tags, but not both at the same time.

For more information on our Tag formats, please refer Understanding Tag Formats for Content Creation and Filtering.

Interactive Demo

To see this in action, see the Demo on hiding Tags from Author API.

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