Customizing Labels for the Assessment Player With Author API

While creating Activities, authors can easily override the text labels to be used in the assessment player, with an easy to use UI for customizing the student experience and for localized assessments.

Authors can get a categorized list of text labels that can be overwritten, by opening Activity edit mode, then clicking on the 'Customize text labels' option in the player tab. These categories make it easier for authors to understand exactly what text labels are they overwriting. Clicking on each of these categories will expand the category and show the available text labels in that category, which can be overwritten.

Label categories


These are navigation buttons like next and previous, or options that would be available in the player such as Calculator, Ruler, and so on.


These are error messages, warnings or general messages shown to students based on their actions while taking the assessment.


These are titles for sections such as Acknowledgements, Countdown timer, and so on.


Contains labels for tooltips which are displayed for icons like review flag, unattempted Questions, and so on.


This catch-all category contains any new customizable text label which is not categorized yet in Author API or which does not fall under the categories above.



Figure 1: Categorized list of customizable text labels



Figure 2: Expanded category of customizable text labels

Text labels defined through your custom player options will also be available through this UI for overwriting. Resetting the text labels will reset it to the default values defined by the player. You can control the visibility of the option to overwrite labels through the override_labels initialization option of Author API.

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