Internationalizing and Localizing the Assessment Experience

This article outlines the approach to internationalization of labels and text rendered by the Learnosity APIs and links to references for the available labels for override, showing example markup.

Label bundles

When calling LearnosityApp.init() an internationalization bundle of key value pairs can be supplied as labelBundle


Let's look at an example of a label bundle, "loadingInfo". 

"loadingInfo" has the following values: 

Label Name English Content Max Char Limit
loadingInfo Loading question. Just a moment please. 200
Table: key-value pair for the "loadingInfo" label bundle
When translating label bundles, you supply the label bundle and its translation in the initialization object as in the following code example.
var options = {
    labelBundle: {
        "loadingInfo": "Ładowanie pytania. Chwileczkę proszę...",
        "play": "Grać",
var questionsApp = LearnosityApp.init(activity, options);

 Source code: supplying a label bundle with its translation in Polish

See the label bundle values

The label bundles can be viewed on, via the links below. See below for more specific instructions.  

Label bundles for assessment


Label bundles for authoring


Label bundles for reporting



  • Not all areas can be translated. Only the labels provided above can be changed.
  • The upload process is under development and may result in a number of loading notices to the user.
  • When overriding the labels of longtextV2, users should refer to and update the editor.toolbar labels.
  • See the GitHub page for important information about the translation files provided. 
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