Question & Feature Codes for Data API filtering

The tables below are a list of all Question and Feature codes and their names. This can be useful when using the Data API, where you might need the code to filter for certain entries.


Question Code Question Name
association Match list
audio Audio
chemistry Chemistry formula
chemistryessay Chemistry essay(Deprecated)
chemistryessayV2 Chemistry essay with Rich Text
choicematrix Choice matrix
classification Classification
clozeassociation Cloze association
clozechemistry Cloze chemistry
clozedropdown Cloze dropdown

Cloze math



clozetext Fill in the blanks
drawing Drawing
fileupload File upload
fillshape Fill shape (Deprecated)
formula Math formula (Deprecated)
formulaV2 Math formula (Deprecated)
formulaessay Math essay (Deprecated)
formulaessayV2 Math essay with Rich Text
graphplotting Graphing
gridded Gridded
highlight Image highlight (Deprecated)
hotspot Hotspot
imageclozeassociation Image association (Deprecated)
imageclozeassociationV2 Image association V2
imageclozechemistry Cloze chemistry with image
imageclozedropdown Image dropdown
imageclozeformula Cloze math with image
imageclozeformulaV2 Label image with math
imageclozetext Add text to Image
imageupload Image upload
longtext Long text (essay) (Deprecated)
longtextV2 Essay with rich text
mcq Multiple choice
multistepmath Multi-step math
numberline Number line with drag and drop
numberlineplot Number line with plot
orderlist Order list
plaintext Plain text (essay)
rating Rating
shorttext Short text
simplechart Charts
simpleshading Simple shading
sortlist Sort list
texthighlight Text highlight (Deprecated)
tokenhighlight Token highlight


Feature Code Feature Name
audioplayer Audio player
calculator Calculator
imagetool Imagetool
linereader Line reader
sharedpassage Passage
videoplayer Video player
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