What is Learnosity Analytics?

Learnosity Analytics comprises:

  • Learnosity Console

    • A hosted site providing management, analysis and configuration, allowing you to
      • configure API access credentials, organise Item Banks and user access, set up group roles and permissions. 
      • Gain insights into API usage and item analysis reports.
  • Reports API

    • An embeddable Javascript API to provide simple to use embeddable reports for use in creating student, instructor and administrator dashboards within your learning platform. Providing a wide set of reports at a student, classroom and district level, as well as focusing on progress and student mastery, the Reports API gives you easy access to all the data you need. 
  • Data API

    • A server-side API designed to provide data-centric access to any and all of your data as you wish, along with the ability to programatically create any content you may need to.
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