Understanding Your Request Status

Your request can be in one of three statuses, depending on what action needs to be taken by you, or the Learnosity Support team. Some of these changes will happen automatically (e.g. if you reply to a request, it will change from "Awaiting your reply" to "open" and the Learnosity support team will be notified.

Request Statuses


This status means your request is currently being worked on by our support team, or escalated to our Product Development team.

Awaiting your reply

One of our team has a query relating to your request, or is waiting for confirmation that the issue is solved.


The request has been marked solved by you, or the Learnosity support team. In case you need to re-open this issue, you can respond on the ticket.


Closed tickets are tickets that have been marked solved, and been solved for a period of time. In this case, you cannot re-open the ticket, but you can create a follow-up request to the original ticket.


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