Status Monitoring With Learnosity

Monitoring with Learnosity

Learnosity provides a public-facing, externally facing, status page to allow you to receive email & text notifications, as well as webhook notifications to integrate into most modern application monitoring services you may use. 

To set up any notifications, go to, and click "Subscribe to updates". Then follow the steps below for each notification type.

Email Notification

Click on the mail icon, enter your email into the text box provided, and click "subscribe via email".

Text Notification

Click on the phone icon, select your country code, and enter your mobile number into the text box provided. Click "subscribe via text message".

Webhook Notification

Click on the <> icon, and enter in the URL that you wish to POST a webhook notification to, in case of a notification being posted, into the first textbox. Enter an email address to be notified of any issues with the notification procedure in the second textbox. Click "subscribe to notifications".

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