Widget Template References for Question Editor Customization & Navigation

Learnosity has a large number of "templates" which are variants of an underlying question or feature type. For example, Multiple Choice (MCQ) has several templates available including:

  • Standard,
  • Multiple responses,
  • True/false, and
  • Block layout.

It is possible to override or remove a default template via the Question Editor API initialization options, however, doing so via the templates' name is not a predictable identifier for individual templates.

To get around this issue, we added UUID references for each of the templates. These references must be specified when using the navigate method of the Author API or the setWidget method of the Question Editor API, so that authors see the correct template.

This article provides a list of template references that you can use with the Author API navigate method to open a widget with a specified template.

Template modes

There are 3 different modes of templates:

Advanced templates contain all input fields that are available for every question type, while the simple templates contain a subset and are more suited to users who don't require every authoring option, such as teachers.

The advanced templates are available by default, to access the simple templates you need to specify that mode via configuration options (ui.layout.mode).

Simple feature templates are used to customize the default field values in the edit panel of the simple feature modal. The simple feature modal can be accessed by clicking the simple feature icon in the CKEditor rich text editor toolbar. To customize simple feature templates you must define them in the initialization options(simple_feature_templates).

Default JSON

See this article for the default JSON used for:

  • Template groups
  • Question templates (advanced and simple)


Widget Type Template Name Template Reference
association Match list 1fa22aac-1f88-47f7-941b-3c77759549e6
audio Audio recorder 4e9e4ec1-7441-462f-ad70-d94cbaf0d14e
audioplayer Audio player 734ea0be-309b-4ff8-b004-3abd70094efd
calculator Scientific calculator 532767d1-40e7-47e4-be81-ec5cdbfb5fd8
calculator Calculator d4f4cc0f-af17-4fd8-8faa-c8f88cf2d0d2
chemistry Chemistry formula e484fac0-4022-4b58-b86f-4a537002f449
chemistryessayV2 Chemistry essay with rich text c07e5630-e0f4-4d0d-b1f8-3908e0d7e474
choicematrix Choice matrix – standard 14b7af71-e146-4747-aae5-ca71618a5038
choicematrix Choice matrix – inline f109c77c-390e-4595-93b8-2dbd547251b6
choicematrix Choice matrix – labels 9de82e14-802c-4bea-a635-bf9ad0b622fb
classification Classification ef2648de-f826-4674-b17d-71e71889d8e6
clozeassociation Cloze with drag & drop 51a8c1e7-f34f-4faf-b211-da458e891fcb
clozechemistry Cloze chemistry 36e1da6f-5966-4912-a547-75bffdd77950
clozedropdown Cloze with drop down 2fbba51b-e35e-441f-83c7-2662e2e81fa6
clozeformulaV2 Math ef0ab0ba-235f-459d-9380-a4a106280c9a
clozeformula Cloze math 57b0690f-4e99-4bbc-9c8f-aa3074baa495
clozeformula Math Question Generator ec8f2f4e-c048-4347-906a-32b0c44c0515
clozetext Cloze with text 457fe101-0667-4a35-b193-b849653acb52
drawing Drawing c20d4103-5214-4cdd-bc17-29c98f0e7c0c
fileupload File upload 8ff43fa9-804b-42e7-9b3e-4cdd7e3a882d
fillshape Fill shape – circle (Deprecated) 8ff43fa9-804b-42e7-9b3e-3cdd7e3a882c
fillshape Fill shape – rectangle (Deprecated) 8ff43fa9-804b-42e7-9b3e-3cdd7e3a882d
fillshape Fill shape – grid (Deprecated) 8ff43fa9-804b-42e7-9b3e-3cdd7e3a882e
formulaV2 Math formula (Deprecated) e3a30485-ab2d-4ee8-9d0c-5749e96816c1
formulaV2 Math with fractions (Deprecated) 764f1dc3-27b7-48a2-93f3-d6573e4c98f0
formulaV2 Math – fill in the blanks (Deprecated) 23209785-6fa0-404e-87c2-c213b546d0ba
formulaV2 Math with text (Deprecated) caaa3b3a-6eed-4ad3-b80d-be67515016e0
formulaV2 Math with matrices (Deprecated) aadca3d1-ecdb-41fb-8efa-591fbeb79874
formulaV2 Math with units (Deprecated) dc098fc1-27b8-47d7-aa30-e8976d13c1ac
formulaessayV2 Math essay with rich text 7b810c2c-9100-4ff1-96de-cda23bf34445
graphplotting Graphing b7dc8b69-c12a-4c4f-ac17-181ac6e0da26
graphplotting Graphing in the 1st quadrant f325a114-bb81-4e7f-86e0-1147416a78a8
gridded Gridded f0416e39-72fc-4d40-8d6e-c6f97e621fd5
highlight Highlight image (Deprecated) 7ede55fc-23d0-4a74-933e-9f85c6fbe2a3
hotspot Hotspot f0416e39-72fc-4d40-8d6e-c6f97e621fd4
imageclozeassociation Label image with drag & drop (Deprecated) e961ddc9-a4f6-4d33-a6f5-5005b90462a9
imageclozeassociationV2 Label image with drag & drop 6e77b403-8f0c-43af-b464-9450e1ac70dc
imageclozechemistry Cloze chemistry with image 4d2a04cb-f8a9-4678-b8c6-0dd4bce25fbc
imageclozedropdown Label image with drop-down f8364191-ada5-4806-83d4-8a36b8fad4b0
imageclozeformula Cloze math with image 11c9093a-dfd3-4852-b1ee-d5e5c3f032df
imageclozeformulaV2 Label image with math 76504b1a-8f37-4ab8-bcbf-875c966c72af
imageclozetext Label image with text 35a850a7-9d3f-4e1c-880a-a340767942b6
imagetool Protractor 26752c5b-4452-4a78-8819-dd8d4b587cbf
imagetool Ruler e7abff79-d5fc-450f-a789-6384c2dcbb64
imagetool Imagetool 4aab1f61-3f1c-42b8-9f20-fedfd22a1bba
imageupload Image annotation upload 8ff43fa9-804b-42e7-9b3e-3cdd7e3a882b
linereader Line reader  
longtext Long text (essay) (Deprecated) 1e6039f8-0676-495d-aca9-108710a51ce4
longtextV2 Essay with rich text 1e6039f8-0676-495d-aca9-108710a51ce5
mcq Multiple choice – standard 9e8149bd-e4d8-4dd6-a751-1a113a4b9163
mcq Multiple choice – multiple response 908de244-5c71-4c09-b094-7fb49554f2f9
mcq True or false 3egs0b24-5gs8-49fc-fds9-4a450sdg31ca
mcq Multiple choice – block layout 33d53a22-1a59-4a03-9671-7f5104edd62e
numberline Number line with drag & drop f5c683be-b5e0-421d-a593-f6a59312aba2
numberlineplot Number line with plot 02a2d2fe-c028-42d0-b139-e58a60780928
orderlist Order list 0c7f68f7-2be6-4ae0-8492-0ab78c8d0010
plaintext Essay with plain text 0f559437-5072-475e-830d-1fa9d2f6bb0d
rating Rating 8e99fa69-b829-4a7d-ae2a-eb935fe3a2c6
sharedpassage Passage d5d43bd6-d02a-4969-a79a-e10b344549a8
shorttext Short text 4fe6c726-419c-4aff-b189-4a9756a0ffda
simplechart Bar chart 24f76ba0-24af-4be4-aacf-c31c6efd33e3
simplechart Line chart 8c28ecfd-ab0b-43de-bfac-e572eeb06851
simplechart Histogram cb9cb540-05b2-44e0-bef3-1b31727c1c37
simplechart Dot plot 2f93c2f1-f7d9-423a-94c9-5df5aabdddc9
simplechart Line plot 1f20bb6e-8685-4eaa-9c70-ef80b811e483
simpleshading Shading b30bc5dc-b616-4913-a8b4-b5dd9c43bafd
sortlist Sort list 63891006-450a-4ffe-9876-74d62efa0152
tokenhighlight Token highlight 47f0db98-79e8-4273-946f-90faf4a2ae49
video Video recorder 4e9e4ec1-7437-462f-ad70-d94cbaf0d14e
videoplayer Video player 25368800-1ebe-4f2c-b220-6fe90a44883b


Widget Type Template Name Template Reference
association Match Answers 779a8c3b-929d-49d2-a99d-5ae6f21b24db
audio Audio recorder 1ed372fd-78fc-4681-8898-338a81a176e5
choicematrix Choice Matrix 10ce17b0-b9c5-40a3-bc91-b183719ddf8d
classification Classification 990d3d94-64c0-40c4-8088-d18214b95653
clozeassociation Fill in the Blanks – Drag & Drop 85b11ecd-1ea8-45da-be5a-8fdcea17f8cd
clozedropdown Fill in the Blanks – Drop Down 36947d1e-60d8-45be-ad7b-97b03e442e6f
clozetext Fill in the Blanks – Text b77d1ded-0998-4a26-a683-29c470005f29
drawing  Drawing  c20d4103-5214-4cdd-bc17-29c98f0e7c0c
fileupload File upload 40f17271-9190-469e-b9da-e9bb57352b62
fillshape Fill shape 3baefb29-3318-41ab-9954-787973b0c57e
formulaV2 Math Formula fdb235e7-b15a-4d1a-91d8-6b1721bb2203
graphplotting Graphing 2b180c4d-9c5c-4257-b16a-a296b7b5b548
gridded Gridded 33206948-16bf-4840-a61f-1aac64836b60
highlight Highlight Image 00f20657-8af6-4061-90cf-14d83f28f6c0
hotspot Hotspot 1918bd26-60ae-461d-aa61-67da53722da1
imageclozeassociation Fill in the Blanks – Image Drag & Drop (Deprecated) 3f5896b7-3406-4211-a0bf-f14bd3868f6e
imageclozeassociationV2 Label image with drag & drop 44153115-fa11-42d3-a385-50cd821f08cd
imageclozedropdown Fill in the Blanks – Image Drop Down 7f6cd8d4-449b-4184-a166-1a1dc42fec9e
imageclozeformula Math Cloze Image aa4839a9-c965-4b86-9897-5d710c515850
imageclozetext Fill in the Blanks – Image Text e591dd60-9340-4e29-afc4-55d796d3c508
imageupload Image annotation upload ca26a751-480d-492f-8048-98c196a3c268
longtextV2 Essay 23f75aff-c1f3-4c7e-91bb-2becafd2dddb
mcq Multiple Choice eaa0fe51-f137-49a2-a1a9-47c79c28c7d1
mcq True/False 40586f0d-6372-4ad7-a410-65a8ec0bc57d
numberline Number Line Drag & Drop d7cf3072-2cc0-4ca9-8a7c-43e74c210db7
numberlineplot Number Line Plot 1e0565de-66eb-420d-9d75-698849cd343f
orderlist Order List b2296cdf-cd91-496c-9f6a-ea5477990257
simplechart Bar Chart fa2960c7-3dc4-4156-bded-52ca03993f4b
simplechart Line Chart 0386d74d-a4ea-4a90-af5c-3c80f9ec97ad
simplechart Histogram bab5809c-19da-45b9-8d4f-887f0ec542c0
simplechart Dot Plot 27de1d95-8bbb-4609-9fdb-29628be5da56
simplechart Line Plot b6f0bbb1-0287-4bbe-be5b-e304a3fca949
simpleshading Box Shading 63ab5e08-55f3-4afd-a1ef-3749b67c1c38
sortlist Sort List 24fe0f4b-7f45-4b42-8c7b-64cdf13bc2a5
tokenhighlight Token Highlight 3e75c706-9c2b-4435-a095-433df6aedb9d
video Video recorder 1ed372fd-78fc-4681-8894-338a81a176e5

Simple Feature Modal

Widget Type Template Name Template Reference
videoplayer Video Player d3e05438-8321-457c-a541-3cb18020eae8
audioplayer Audio Player eb6156a3-decd-4ee7-8348-a09144ea1c4a
calculator Calculator 116e3f78-a564-4862-877c-91cdad8a2c2b
imagetool Protractor 20587eaf-76ad-4b82-bc96-7e266a72b6ff
imagetool Ruler 4d918ac6-2ac5-48f5-8707-c1957c1572cb
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