Navigate Data Parameters for the Question or Feature View


Key Type Default Description
widgetType string 'questions' Filters possible templates by Question type or Feature type. If no widget template or JSON is provided, this navigates to the corresponding widget tile view.
widgetJson object - Optional. The JSON that may be used to initialise the widget. If a widget template is also provided, the JSON attributes will override any attributes in the template. 
widgetTemplate object -

An object containing key "template_reference" to denote a widget template. This is useful for navigating directly into a particular widget template, bypassing the tile view. Note: must be an exact string match, including case and punctuation (e.g. en dash versus the hyphen). For more details refer to the Widget Template Reference documentation.

regionId string '1' Specifies which region in the Item to create the widget in. Only valid when creating for an existing Item. The region must already exist.
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