What Regions and Endpoints Should I Use?

To reduce data latency in your applications, most Learnosity services offer a regional endpoint to make your requests against. An endpoint is a URL that is the entry point for a web service. For example, the default region is the US East - Virginia region, which has this entry point:
https://items-va.learnosity.com/. As another example, if you wanted to use the Items API service in Australia, you would use https://items-au.learnosity.com as the entry point.

Notes on Authoring

Some services, such as Authoring, do not support regions; therefore, their endpoints do not include a region. For Item Authoring endpoints these will point to the Oregon region. All content creation (writes) should go through the Data API - Oregon West endpoint. For reads, you should use the region that your consumer is set up in (for lower latency and hence maximum speed). Note: the region used to read should always match the consumer’s region, not the end user’s region.

For all other data access, these endpoints will point to the US East Region in Virginia (by default).

The following tables show the best endpoints to use depending on where your data is stored. To ensure the fastest performance for your customers it is best to have your data located as close to your customers as possible, and use the endpoints closest to your data.

US East - Virginia (default region)

API Endpoint
Items API https://items-va.learnosity.com/?v2023.1.LTS
Assess API https://assess-va.learnosity.com/?v2023.1.LTS
Questions API https://questions-va.learnosity.com/?v2023.1.LTS
Annotations API https://annotations-va.learnosity.com/?v2023.1.LTS
Events API https://events-va.learnosity.com/?v2023.1.LTS
Reports API https://reports-va.learnosity.com/?v2023.1.LTS
Data API https://data-va.learnosity.com/v2023.1.LTS


EU West - Dublin

API Endpoint
Items API https://items-ie.learnosity.com/?v2023.1.LTS
Assess API https://assess-ie.learnosity.com/?v2023.1.LTS
Questions API https://questions-ie.learnosity.com/?v2023.1.LTS
Annotations API https://annotations-ie.learnosity.com/?v2023.1.LTS
Events API https://events-ie.learnosity.com/?v2023.1.LTS
Reports API https://reports-ie.learnosity.com/?v2023.1.LTS
Data API https://data-ie.learnosity.com/v2023.1.LTS


Australia - Sydney

API Endpoint
Items API https://items-au.learnosity.com/?v2023.1.LTS
Assess API https://assess-au.learnosity.com/?v2023.1.LTS
Questions API https://questions-au.learnosity.com/?v2023.1.LTS
Annotations API https://annotations-au.learnosity.com/?v2023.1.LTS
Events API https://events-au.learnosity.com/?v2023.1.LTS
Reports API https://reports-au.learnosity.com/?v2023.1.LTS
Data API https://data-au.learnosity.com/v2023.1.LTS


US West - California (load testing environment)

API Endpoint
Items API https://items-ca.learnosity.com/?v2023.1.LTS
Assess API https://assess-ca.learnosity.com/?v2023.1.LTS
Questions API https://questions-ca.learnosity.com/?v2023.1.LTS
Annotations API https://annotations-ca.learnosity.com/?v2023.1.LTS
Events API https://events-ca.learnosity.com/?v2023.1.LTS
Reports API https://reports-ca.learnosity.com/?v2023.1.LTS
Data API https://data-ca.learnosity.com/v2023.1.LTS


US West - Oregon (authoring only)

API Endpoint
Data API https://data-or.learnosity.com/v2023.1.LTS
Author API https://authorapi.learnosity.com/?v2023.1.LTS
Question Editor API https://questioneditor.learnosity.com/?v2023.1.LTS


Note: All endpoints support secure HTTPS protocol.

Note: Learnosity makes use of the Cloudfront CDN network which has 450+ global Points of Presence which automatically reduces latency for all of our customers.

Note: If you are importing Item Bank data from the Data API targeting the Oregon region (data-or) will give significantly improved performance due to latency. For all reading of Items it is best to use the endpoint closest to your servers as the data is replicated there.

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