Recommended Deployment Patterns & "Golden Path"

When developing a product with Learnosity, you should start with our recommended APIs. We've designated the "Golden Path", a set of high-level APIs that we recommend, to integrate Learnosity with minimum configuration. Each API in this set is patched and updated regularly, integrates smoothly with other recommended APIs, and when used together, reduce the developer's workload in creating a successful product or proof of concept.

The recommended APIs as we have defined them, are as follows: 

To learn about in-depth examples of deployments with Learnosity APIs, see our technical solutions pages.

Benefits of using the Learnosity Golden Path

With the Golden Path Without

Best authoring experience (Author API or Author Site)

You get the famously full-featured Learnosity authoring experience. 

You would need to integrate many components and do more development work than you would on the golden path.

Seamless Item bank integration (Items API)

Store all your education content in Learnosity's powerful Item banks. Easily organize, manage, and retrieve exactly what you need from the Item bank for assessments or for authoring Activities.

You would need to manage the integration of storage and retrieval for content within your own platform.

Assessment Player (Items API)

You get the powerful built-in assessment player to easily control sequencing and flow of your assessments.

You would need to build your own UI and call methods for each UI element to replicate some or all of that functionality. 

End-to-end integration (Learnosity JSON format)

Create, store, and access all your education content in one format based on JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). No need to write parsers, converters, or other system integration tools.

You would have to build or integrate parsers, converters, or other system integration tools, as well as additional data management on your server side.

Powerful Data Access (Data API) 

Take advantage of Learnosity's powerful data management capability. Go in and add or extract data from your database to display it, or mutate content. You could script Data API to populate a large amount of Question content. You can use Data API to extract class results and display them, perform backoffice database operations management and data extraction. 


You would need to develop some or all of that functionality from scratch.
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